Nappet Tours offers: group tours, youth group travel, church group travel, and more. We invite you to consider your next mission travel with us.

We believe that travel is full of exciting experiences and this in return gives us time to develop characters, share our faith, and offer our time and skills to improve the life and wellbeing of others in Africa.

Be  it serving a village on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya or digging wells in the arid countryside of Turkana, or teaching  there are many ways to get involved in missions, and Nappet believes that we  can make that a reality with our mission travel services.

At Nappet we fully understand from first-hand experience that mission trip planning is unlike any other traditional safari planning, and we rise to the challenge. As a mission travel company, we take care of the logistics so that you can focus on what’s important while you enjoy your experience.


Our Mission:

We are a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences, hosting tourists from all over the world, immersing them in the respective destinations–in life-altering experiences. We are committed to service excellence, offering explorative exposure with added value at competitive prices.

Our Vision:

To strengthen our position as the leading Tours & Travel company providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region and the world over.

Our Services
Our Services Business, Tours, Mission, Tours, (Community Empowerment), Beach & Wildlife Safaris, Excursions, Transport and Transfers