Nappet Tours and Travel was originally established as a Mission tour company for visitors who desire more out of their travels to Kenya and Africa. Every year, a good number of tourist volunteers set out to transform communities by offering their skill and service before proceeding on to their Safaris; their interest being decency in humanity and the resultant gratification. It is this care for humanity that we put on a pedestal to deliver service and life transforming experiences.

Early this year we got started on a quest to expose our business clients to a world of business leadership by plunging them into the heart of commodity trade. Our seven-day maiden business trip to Guangzhou, China was a huge success and marks a key milestone for our business tour offering. DON’T MISS THE BUSINESS TRIP TO CHINA IN NOVEMBER

Our Values

Our Belief: We champion communal growth and spur development anchored on the love of God and love for Humanity.
Community: We pursue authentic community and mutual relationships to know others and be known, give and receive, love and be loved.
Service : Addressing the needs of society by promoting neighborliness through holistic service.
Partnership: We partner with local organizations, churches, ministries, leaders, activists, and neighbors who are committed to transforming communities..
Diversity: We embrace diversity as a gift from God to build strong and vibrant communities across all possible dividing lines.
Solidarity: We live simply and sustainably to be in solidarity with those who suffer injustice.
Justice: We advocate for justice and peace in our neighborhood and world.