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Welcome to our safari travel desk and meet your outstanding and unique travel planning experience. Nappet Africa  is a safari outfitter based in Nairobi, Kenya.  We offer  great opportunities for volunteers, missionaries, business travelers, individuals and families and groups whose goal is not only to put Kenya on your desktop, but also to provide our customers with a wide range of holidays as we continue to introduce new packages into the tourism market, that are beyond the traditional game viewing circuits.

Our History

Nappet Tours and Travel was originally established as a Mission tour company for visitors who desire more out of their travels to Kenya and Africa. Every year, a good number of tourist volunteers set out to transform communities by offering their skill and service before proceeding on to their Safaris; their interest being decency in humanity and the resultant gratification. It is this care for humanity that we put on a pedestal to deliver service and life transforming experiences.

Early this year we got started on a quest to expose our business clients to a world of business leadership by plunging them into the heart of commodity trade. Our seven-day maiden business trip to Guangzhou, China was a huge success and marks a key milestone for our business tour offering. DON’T MISS THE BUSINESS TRIP TO CHINA IN NOVEMBER

Nappet Tours and Travels, a mission tour company, has been creating purpose-inspired safaris since 2004. At the heart of our operations is the love of God and for people. We have facilitated, witnessed and experienced great transformations brought about by linking humanity through a rich blend of community service volunteer work, cultural interactions, God’s love in action and tourism; ultimately granting the immeasurable gratification to the hosts and more to the tourist

Our Services.

Our Mission.

We are a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences, hosting tourists from all over the world, immersing them in the respective destinations–in life-altering experiences. We are committed to service excellence, offering explorative exposure with added value at competitive prices.

Our Values.

We champion communal growth and spur development anchored on the love of God and love for Humanity.


We pursue authentic community and mutual relationships to know others and be known, give and receive, love and be loved.

Addressing the needs of society by promoting neighborliness through holistic service.

We partner with local organizations, churches, ministries, leaders, activists, and neighbors who are committed to transforming communities.

We embrace diversity as a gift from God to build strong and vibrant communities across all possible dividing lines.

 We live simply and sustainably to be in solidarity with those who suffer injustice.

We advocate for justice and peace in our neighborhood and world.

Our Vision.

To strengthen our position as the leading Tours & Travel company providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region and the world over.

Why Us.

Nappet Tours offers: Family Tours, Corporate travel, youth group travel, church group travel, Mission tours and more. We invite you to consider your next trip with us.

We believe that travel is full of exciting experiences and this in return gives us time to develop characters, share our faith, and offer our time and skills to improve the life and well being of others in Africa.

Be  it serving a village on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya or digging wells in the arid countryside of Turkana, or teaching  there are many ways to get involved in missions, and Nappet believes that we  can make that a reality with our mission travel services.

At Nappet we fully understand from first-hand experience that mission trip planning is unlike any other traditional safari planning, and we rise to the challenge. As a mission travel company, we take care of the logistics so that you can focus on what’s important while you enjoy your experience.

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