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Nappet is a Mission Tour Company which provides an opportunity for international Visitors and Christian volunteers to offer their skills to promote sustainable volunteer programs while in Kenya as they experience Village life and sharing the Love of Christ with the Locals. Nappet Prides itself as a perfect organization for Mission Tours within the country. Our core focus is providing excellent services that offer ample atmosphere for the spread of the gospel to the intended people/ group. Nappet Tours came up with the Mission Tours department, after realizing that most companies treat clients the same, with due disregard for unrivaled attention that is key within this clientele segment. The department handles STRICTLY Christian Missionaries and Volunteers though without consideration of particular denomination (interdenominational).




To build a bridge joining Christ’s followers and other Volunteers  in kenya and beyond , in reaching individuals and communities with the love of God.


Our vision is to see the church unified, cultures reconciled, neighborhoods revitalized, and the world redeemed.

Our Values

Our Faith : We desire to grow spiritually by learning to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.
Community : We pursue authentic community and mutual relationships where we can know others and be known, give and receive, love and be loved
Service : We show love by addressing the needs of the neighborhood through holistic service.
Partnership : We partner with local churches, ministries, leaders, activists, and neighbors who are transforming their communities.
Neighborhood : We practice neighboring by intentionally spending time with neighbors and loving others in all the ways we love ourselves.
Diversity : We embrace diversity as a gift from God and build beloved community across all dividing lines.
Solidarity : We live simply and sustainably to be in solidarity with those who suffer injustice.
Justice : We advocate for God’s justice and peace in our neighborhood and world.

Program Objectives

To encourage individuals and Christian groups from around the world to travel to Kenya and learn about the people, culture and environment of all the 47 Counties of Kenya through voluntary service and teach people about the Love of God. This program aims at recruiting volunteers who can share their skills in any part of Kenya within the villages with members of different local communities in a way that helps them achieve their own goals, without creating unhealthy dependencies or undermining the values of the local culture. Volunteers can teach in the public school, work in the local nursery, provide assistance to income raising projects, assist in the medical clinic and implement projects to improve environmental conservation, or conduct other activities that are appropriate to volunteer’s skills and the needs of the community. Students are also encouraged to come as short time Volunteers as they learn various Cultures and do researches in various field like medical, Agriculture and Archeological discoveries.

  1. The Lion
  2. Elephant
  3. Buffalo
  4. Rhino
  5. Leopard
The African lion king of the sub-Saharan savanna, has been admired by man for its beauty and strength for thousands of years. It's one of the most exciting animals to see on safari. These beautiful, large cats are excellent hunters but you're more likely to see one sleeping than hunting. Where to see lions: Nairobi National Park,Masai Mara, Tsavo, and Amboseli National Parks
The African elephant is the largest mammal in the world and remarkably adaptable. Elephants live in woodlands, forests, deserts and savanna, spread across 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Elephants are quite peaceful if left alone, but if they feel threatened - watch out. Where to see elephants: Masai Mara & Amboseli National Parks
Buffalo are commonly found in protected wildlife areas (that have plenty of water), throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Four sub-species of African Buffalo have been recognized and basically reflect the different type of regions and habitats they live in: Forest Buffalo; West African Savanna Buffalo; Central African Savanna Buffalo; and Southern Savanna Buffalo. Where to see Buffalo
There are two species of rhino in Africa, the Black rhino and the White rhino. Black rhinos have suffered the most drastic reduction in population in the last 20 years. There are now only about 4000 left in the wild although valiant conservation efforts are increasing those numbers. Where to see Rhino: Lake Nakuru, Tsavo National Parks and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
The African leopard is more numerous than the African rhino in the Big 5 pantheon, but they are just as difficult to spot on safari in Africa. Leopards use trees as observation platforms and for protection, so you have to remember to look up to see this solitary, beautiful cat. Leopards are shy and nocturnal, quite modest for a cat that can climb, swim and live in a wider range of habitats than most other wild cats. Where to see Leopard: Masai Mara, Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks

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Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands and abundant wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos.